SIMIAN® Ultra High Performance Fiber Endless Roundsling - 60,000 lbs

Stren-Flex®SKU: ERSSU60000-03

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Heavy lift roundslings that offer maximum strength combined with minimum weight


  • Recommended for static lifts and lifts with light load contact
  • General Purpose, cost effective heavy lift roundsling when the user requires an ergonomic solution to conventional steel products


  • Made with a high tenacity nylon outer cover and EHP Engineered Hybrid Power® twisted core yarns (a blend of aramid and high-modulus polyethylene fiber, featuring Honeywell Spectra® fiber)

Features and Benefits

  • Light Weight - Approximately 80% lighter than steel slings and approximately 35% lighter than polyester round slings with the equivalent working limit loads
  • Ergonomic - Offers a stronger, lighter, more flexible option to conventional steel slings that not only promote ease of use but also easy storage and transportation due to the sling's compact size.
  • Eliminate Damage - Soft synthetic properties will not damage loads like conventional steel slings
  • Superior Safety Benefits - Ergonomic, lightweight design will reduce back, neck, shoulder and hand injuries
  • Low Elongation - Stretches less than 1% at rated capacity
  • Repairable - Can be easily repaired and put back into service
  • Temperature - Can be used in environments from -40°F up to 158°F
  • Chemical Resistance - High resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents

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