CM Grade 100 SOG 1 Leg Adjustable Type B Chain Sling - Clevlok Grab Hook


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*Picture is illustrative of the basic design of the sling you will receive. The sling you are purchasing is built with the highest grade HA1000 components, dual rated were possible, with mechanical chain connections. Click Here to see an example of how we assemble our chain slings in house* 

Choose your Diameter of chain based on working load and length required for this 100% made and assembled in USA 1 leg adjustable type A chain sling. This sling comes equipped with a CM Herc-Alloy 1000 Chain, Clevlok Grab Hook and Master Link connected with HammerLok at each chain connection point.

Capacity @ 90°

7/32" 2700 lbs
9/32" 4300 lbs
3/8" 8800 lbs
1/2" 15000 lbs
5/8" 22600 lbs
3/4" 35300 lbs


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