Standard Wire Rope


Strands: 6
Wires Per Strand: 7
Core: Fiber Core
Standard Grade(s): Improved Plow (IPS)
Lay: Regular or Lang
Finish: Bright or Galvanized

This construction is used where ropes are dragged on the ground or over rollers, and resistance to wear and abrasion are important factors. The wires are quite large and will stand a great deal of wear. In fact, this construction is sometimes called "coarse laid" because of the large wires. The 6x7 is a stiff rope and needs sheaves and drums of large size. It will not withstand bending stresses as well as ropes with smaller wires. Because of the small number of wires, with the resulting higher percentage of load carried by each wire, a larger factor of safety should be considered with 6x7 ropes than with ropes having a larger number of wires.


Strands: 6
Wires Per Strand: 19 to 26
Core: IWRC or Fiber Core
Standard Grade: Extra Improved (EIP)
Lay: Regular or Lan
Finish: Bright or Galvanized


6x19 Warrington with Fiber Core 6x19 Seale with IWRC 6x25 Filler Wire with IWRC 6x26 Warrington Seale with IWRC


The 6x19 Classification of wire rope is the most widely used. With its good combination of flexibility and wear resistance, rope in this class can be suited to the specific needs of diverse kinds of machinery and equipment.

The 6x19 Seale construction, with its large outer wires, provides great ruggedness and resistance to abrasion and crushing. However, its resistance to fatigue is somewhat less than that offered by a 6x25 construction. The 6x25 possesses the best combination of flexibility and wear resistance in the 6x19 Class due to the filler wires providing support and imparting stability to the strand. The 6x26 Warrington Seale construction has a high resistance to crushing. This construction is a good choice where the end user needs the wear resistance of a 6x19 Class Rope and the flexibility midway between a 6x19 Class and 6x37 Class rope.



Strands: 6
Wires Per Strand: 27 to 49
Core: IWRC or Fiber Core
Standard Grade: Extra Improved (EIP)
Lay: Regular or Lan
Finish: Bright or Galvanized


6x31 Warrington Seale with IWRC 6x36 Warrington Seale IWRC 6x49 Filler Wire Seale with IWRC


The 6x37 Class of wire rope is characterized by the relatively large number of wires used in each strand. Ropes of this class are among the most flexible available due to the greater number of wires per strand, however their resistance to abrasion is less than ropes in the 6x19 Class.

The designation 6x37 is only nominal, as in the case with the 6x19 Class. None of the ropes actually has 37 wires per strand. Improvements in wire rope design, as well as changing machine designs, have resulted in the use of strands with widely varying numbers of wires and a smaller number of available constructions. Typical 6x37 Class constructions include 6x33 for diameters under 1/2", 6x36 Warrington Seale (the most common 6x37 Class construction) offered in diameters 1/2" through 1-5/8", and 6x49 Filler Wire Seale over 1-3/4" diameter.



Strands: 6
Wires Per Strand: 31
Core: IWRC
Standard Grade(s): Extra Improved (EIP)
Lay: Combination
Finish: Bright

Herringbone is a 6-strand wire rope comprised of four Lang and two regular lay strands. The Lang lay strands are arranged in pairs, with each pair of Lang lay alternating with one strand of regular lay.

Herringbone wire rope has a Lang lay’s extra flexibility and abrasion resistance in combination with the structural stability of regular lay. It unites the best features of two types of wire rope.

Herringbone wire rope is made with relatively large outside wires to provide increased abrasion resistance to scrubbing against sheaves and drums. Finer inside wires add flexibility and enable Herringbone to absorb severe bending stresses. For these reasons it is well suited to winding applications where both crushing and abrasion occur.

Herringbone wire rope is suited for boom hoist applications and numerous types of excavating equipment (clamshell rigs, shovels, cranes, winches and scrapers).


*Acceptance strength is not less than 2-1/2% below the nominal strengths listed. Tons of 2,000 lbs.

**Galvanizing: For Class A galvanized wire rope, deduct 10% from the nominal strength shown.

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