Web Slings

Synthetic Web Slings

Triangle-Choker - Type 1
Triangle-Triangle - Type 2
Eye & Eye Flat - Type 3
Eye & Eye Twist - Type 4
Endless Loop - Type 5
Reverse Eye - Type 6
Wide Body Heavy Duty Basket - Type 8
Light Duty Cargo Basket - Type 9






Cordura wear pads provide extra protection at points of concentrated wear. They can be sewn on at predetermined wear areas on one or both sides of the sling, on the sling edges, or in the sling eyes. The wear pad width is the same as the sling webbing width and can be any length. Cordura is 100% nylon and has the same stretch and chemical properties as the the typical nylon sling.









Sleeves protect the sling on both sides and can be positioned at various points to accommodate for changing positions of concentrated wear. Sleeves are best for cut protection when handling material with sharp edges. Sleeves are available in leather, cordura, and kevlar to suit various applications. Sleeves are classified into three categories:

  • Floating sleeves cannot be removed from the sling and are available for endless slings only
  • Sliding sleeves are removable from the sling and are available for all slings including endless.
  • Ready sleeves made of heavy duty webbing, have hook and loop strips sewn on the edges to accommodate fast and easy installation and removal. They are perfect for use on slings with hardware, eliminating the need to return the sling to the factory for installation of a sleeve.



  • Recommended for all heavy duty slings
  • Most economic abrasion resistance option
  • Most durable nylon sling material available
  • Integrated abrasion resistant fibers on edges
  • Resists cutting and abrasion on edges
  • Abrasion resistant material recommended for high abrasion, heavy duty slings
  • Provides extra protection for the body, eye, and edges of a sling
  • Gorilla-Guard™️ protective coverings match chemical and stretch properties of all Stren-Flex® synthetic slings


  • Stren-Flex® Super Tag is a pre-formed, molded, abrasion resistant tag with raised lettering