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Stren-Flex® Cargo Control



Of the many materials from which tie downs can be made, synthetic web ratchet tie downs and carbon chain load binders are the most common materials. Web tie downs are available in nylon and polyester configurations of various widths and strengths. Similarly, carbon chain load binders are available in variable sizes to compensate for differing chain sizes and grades.


All synthetic web ratchet tie downs feature a heavy duty ratcheting device and heavy duty nylon or polyester webbing (click for comparison of nylon and polyester). Stren-Flex® manufactures synthetic web tie downs making it easy to choose variable individual leg lengths, web widths and end fittings. Tie downs are available with 1" to 4" webbing and multiple end fittings.


Load binders are designed for use primarily with chain; however, load binders may be used with cable, steel strap and fiber webbing. Load binders are available in two multi-functional types:

  • Lever Type Load Binder
    Functionally superior to the ratchet type load binder, the lever type binder provides the user more control in binding and releasing. The lever arm allows for more take-up when binding greater loads.

  • Ratchet Type Load Binder
    Ratchet type load binders have a heavy duty, all steel construction. The ratchet handle allows infinite adjustment and continuous take-up. Short reach hooks allow for maximum take-up.