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Stren-Flex Lifting Slings, Strength and Flexibility In Lifting

Stren-Flex® Synthetic Round Slings, Synthetic Web Slings, Cargo Strap Tiedowns,Chain Slings, and Lifting Slings
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Member - Material Handling Industry of America
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Stren-Flex® Lifting Slings

Stren-Flex® Lifting Slings and Rigging

Stren-Flex® manufactures slings using only the highest quality AMERICAN-MADE webbing and high tensile thread available. Many years of testing and experience go into each sling we manufacture. All Stren-Flex® webbing include red safety core yarns woven into the material that serve as a warning of excessive wear or possible damage to the web. All Stren-Flex® slings are manufactured to meet or exceed current OSHA and A.N.S.I. standards.

Stren-Flex® Synthetic Web Lifting Slings

Stren-Flex® Eye & Eye Web Slings Stren-Flex® Endless Web Sling

Synthetic Web Slings are the most common lifting slings in use today. They offer good strength and value characteristics for loads up to 8,000 lbs.

  • Lightweight
  • All-purpose, low-profile heavy duty lifting sling
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Vertical, choker, and basket hitch
  • Made in the USA

Stren-Flex® Synthetic Roundsling Lifting Slings

Stren-Flex® Eye & Eye Roundslings Stren-Flex® Endless Roundslings

Roundslings are ideal when you are looking for a light-weight sling that can lift heavy loads. Made of high strength fibers that are completely encased by a tough tubular jacket, roundslings provide superior weight to capacity ratios and durable construction. Other unique roundsling characteristics:

  • Color Coded Capacity: See the capacity of the lifting sling by the color of the jacket!
  • Abrasion Resistance: Jacket protects the load bearing fibers
  • Low Stretch: Approximately 3% at full capacity
  • Made in USA: All Stren-Flex® roundslings are made in the USA and feature the SUPER-TAG!

Stren-Flex® Lifting Slings with Monster Edge®

Monster Edge Synthetic Web Sling     Monster Edge Synthetic Web Slings
  • Recommended for all heavy duty lifting slings
  • Most economic abrasion resistance option
  • Most durable nylon sling material available
  • Integrated abrasion resistant fibers on edges
  • Resists cutting and abrasion on edges


Stren-Flex® abrasion resistant SuperTag
  • Stren-Flex® SuperTag is a pre-formed, molded, abrasion resistant tag with raised lettering

Gorilla-Guard® Abrasion Control

Gorilla-Guard Abrasion Control Synthetic Web Slings
  • Abrasion resistant material recommended for highabrasion, heavy duty slings
  • Provides extra protection for the body, eye, and edges of a sling
  • Gorilla-Guard® protective coverings match chemical and stretch properties of all STREN-FLEX® synthetic slings

Gorilla-Guard® Sleeves

Gorilla-Guard Fixed Sleeve Gorilla-Guard Sliding Sleeve Gorilla Guard Quick Sleeve
Fixed Sleeve Sliding Sleeve Quick Sleeve
  • Recommended for handling sharp edges
  • Cost-effective sling protection
  • Sleeves available in leather, cordura and kevlar
  • Available in three styles:
    • Sleeve: do not slide and cannot be removed
    • Sliding Sleeve: slide freely on the sling but cannot be removed
    • Quick Sleeve: slide freely and removable
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